Please do the following to make a Telehealth Appointment:

  1. Send us an email - click on the button “OFFICE EMAIL” to do this.

  2. Fill out and submit the “NEW PATIENT FORM”.

  3. Email us photos/scans of both sides of your Insurance card and Government issued ID - eg Drivers License. Alternatively you may Fax these to 951-788-7906. If either of the above options are not possible, please call us and then bring them to our office for us to make copies.

  4. Fill out and submit the “HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE”.

  5. Preferably email - giving several possible times - or call the office for a Telehealth Appointment. Telehealth appointments may be during the day or in the evenings or weekends.

  6. Though Dr. Ravi can do an Audio consultation by phone, he would prefer - if at all possible - an Audio/Video consultation. For the Video you will need a cell phone or a computer with a camera. You will be contacted at the time of the appointment, though occasionally Dr. Ravi may be tied up with a patient earlier on and may therefore call you later than your appointment time. If you do not hear from Dr. Ravi within 30 minutes of your appointment time, please call us.

  7. Please note that the following methods of Telehealth consultations have been permitted by the government and meeting HIPAA confidentiality standards: (FaceTime and Skype deliver the best quality video and are preferred).

a. If you have an iPhone (please let us know the iPhone number) or an iPad or a Macbook (please send us your Apple ID), we can do a FaceTime video call. Dr. Ravi will call you on FaceTime at the time of the appointment if you have FaceTime open (our Apple ID is - the same as our email address). b. If you have an Android phone, we can call you on Skype (you can download it from the App Store/Google Play and install it in a few minutes) our Skype profile is doctorravit and our Skype sign in is (the same as our email address). Enter doctorravit in the search box in Skype where it says “People, groups & messages” and you should find us. You can then click on the Blue tab that says “Say Hi” and if you have Skype open, Dr. Ravi will be able to call you at the time of the appointment. Skype works in iPhones as well.

c. We can also use Google Hangouts for an Android (or an iPhone) phone though the quality of the video is not as good as the two prior options. When you open your Gmail Inbox you will see a colored circle in the top right with the first letter of your first name. Immediately to the left of this circle you will find a square made up of 9 square dots. Clicking on this square will dropdown a list of options including "Hangouts". Click on "Hangouts" to open it. After you open Hangouts, click in the box where it says New Conversation and type (the same as our email address), and our account will appear below "Invite people to Hangouts", click on "Invite" to the right of our account name and then click on "Send Invite” below the box where it says “Lets chat on Hangouts”. If you have Hangouts open at the time of the appointment, Dr. Ravi can call you on Hangouts. We are not allowed to use Google Duo.

d. If none of the above are possible, Dr. Ravi will call you and send you a text message. If you click on the text message and allow your camera and microphone to be used, then Dr. Ravi and you should be able to see each other. The connection is sometimes unstable.

  1. After the Telehealth appointment we might schedule an in-person office visit. As an alternative, Dr. Ravi might do a physical exam immediately before a procedure if one is planned (this will be scheduled after the Telehealth appointment).

  2. If we schedule a procedure (endoscopy or colonoscopy), that will be done at the GI Lab at one of the hospitals. The hospitals require all patients to take a Corona Virus test a few days before the procedure. If the test is positive, we may have to defer the procedure for a month. This is done to reduce the risk of patients getting infected in the GI Lab.

  3. If an in-person office visit is required - to minimize risk - patients are asked to wait in their cars in the parking lot of our office at the time of the appointment. When it is time for you to come into the office, we will call you on your cell phone and you will enter the office AFTER we call you. Please make sure your cell phone is charged and not busy while you wait for our call. We ask that any person accompanying you wait in the car. We cannot allow anyone other than the patient to enter the office for any reason - even to use the facilities. We are doing this so that you will be the only person in the office other than the staff.

  4. You will have to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth to enter the office. You must not remove the mask in the office unless directed by Dr. Ravi. On entering the office you will go directly to the examination room. You will not be required to wait in the waiting room. You will only be in the office for the time it takes for Dr. Ravi to do the physical exam after which you will be able to exit the office promptly. If you have any questions, Dr. Ravi will call you on the phone to address them.

  5. If your insurance requires you to make a co-payment, this will be collected by the office over the phone prior to the appointment. We accept Visa/Mastercard and Debit card payments. If you wish to pay in person or to pay cash, please call the office before coming in. If you have already made payment for the Telehealth appointment, no additional payment will be due if you come into the office in connection with the Telehealth appointment.

This protocol is being followed to reduce the risk of viral transmission. If the above instructions are not clear, please call us and we will walk you through what needs to be done. If you need help you may wish to talk to your family members or friends. If you do not have reliable internet access, please let us know and we will mail you forms to fill out and mail back or deliver to us (please call us to set up a drop off time). We will then advise you on how to proceed.

Thank you and stay safe.